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Tripmastaz has been pretty busy vinyl wise this year, starting with the launch of his new label Respect The Craft which is already welcoming its second release this week, towards a brand new project so-called Duct Tape Project highlighting downtempo/hip hop rhythms, besides his Tripmastaz eponymous imprint lately delivering some masterful frequencies.


Tripmastaz is this kind of creator who takes care of all the details when it comes to produce music and to vinylize it, wether it is the smallest or the most obvious of it, in order to materialize and project in the best possible way his artistic ideas and creativeness into it.

Shaping his discography for more than 15 years, Tripmastaz his a true pioneer of the musical scene we’re evolving in, well accustomed to be running record labels, he started back in 2009 with his very first imprint called Plant 74, in which he’s been releasing digital productions, towards his numerous stunning vinyl series, including eponymous one launched in 2015 or the most recent one that is Respect The Craft.

He’s been appearing aside on numerous labels that marked the last decade music wise, such as on UK-based U-Freqs, on Davide Squillace’s very own MiniSketch, on Moscow-based imprint Shanti, on Nick Curly & Marc Scholl’s Mannheim-based project Cecille, Denis Kaznacheev imprint Nervmusic, on Martin Buttrich and Loco Dice Desolat label, as well as on Chilean Cachai, French Tartouffe, among others on Invade, Infuse and BodyParts.

Andrew Guyvoronsky is a Berlin-based performer, producer & mastering engineer well known as Tripmastaz, he founded numerous labels such as Tripmastaz, Call_lab, Plant 74 Records and more recently Respect The Craft, while he runs his mastering company Tripmastering.

Being as well a sound & mastering engineer on the other side, he launched his Tripmastering company in 2019 which he runs too, first of all by mastering his creations aimed to be vinylized, such as his Bass Culture Limited one [BCLTD008], his Tartouffe Parties [TARTOUFFE011-1/2], his release on Japanese label Main Sequence [H-RD01], for Nervmusic [NM026], for BodyParts Vinyl [BPV027], not to forget his own vinyl projects Tripmastaz and Respect The Craft he’s obviously mastering too.
By providing such a high levelled range of music mastering services in each of his releases, he’s been stretching it all further by starting being in charge of more release masterings, such as for Geminii Records and for Franzis Skanner.

Among his latest vinyl projects, Tripmastaz has been taking good cares of his Tripmastaz label, by releasing a couple vinyl such as « Tripsmastaz 08 » [TMZ12008] as well as his band new Duct Tape Project [TMZLP001] that shows another arrow to his production bow by highlighting a full album of Downtempo/Hip Hop rhythms «Tripmastaz presents Duct Tape Project Vol.1 ».

On the other hand, he’s been also launching another vinyl project called Respect The Craft which he launched this last summer with a properly danceful EP that is definitely a personal favorite [RTC001], besides upcoming tRicMast collaboration [RTC002] he’s been crafting together with Ricardo Villalobos for the last five years and freshly released, making of this new imprint one of the most inspiring so far, most obviously to keep track of very regularly..!

Let’s dig these all furthermore.


Tripmastaz has been flowering a new label this year that has been released last summer, named after his passion and dedication to the music crafting, so-called Respect The Craft, which he launched through a first volume of three deeply refined productions yet absolutely powerful [RTC001]

This is a special project to Tripmastaz, as his aim is to be dedicating this label to what often lacks in the music industry, and here it’s all about respect and passion, evolution and elevation, dedication and love, Respect The Craft is not just a record label, it’s also a statement.

And on a more personal level, I’d even say that every feelings and emotions artists put into the process of a vinyl production, are doubtlessly heartfelt all the same to the collectors once pressed, as it is right here with RTC Volume One.


Duct Tape Project is the new brainchild of Tripmastaz who shaped this « Tripmastaz Productions presents Duct Tape Project Volume One » in the realms of Trip-hop and Downtempo, a project that makes perfect sense to anyone familiar with Andrei’s background as he used to be creating Hip-Hop beats since his teenage years, enabling him therefore here to be expressing his eclectic musical capabilities and decades-long experience of musical discoveries [TMZLP001].

This masterpiece highlighting 13 creations has been four years in the making, delivering an in-depth exploration of all things Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Chill Pop and Lounge, ultimately forming a cohesive and deeply soulful album.

In this first issue of Duct Tape Project, Tripmastaz is collaborating with a troupe of stellar musicians not only from many different corners of the world but also from acutely distinct genres, including – alphabetically – Andrey Orenstein, Argenis Brito, Damien Vandesande of DOP, Guti, Denis Kaznacheev, vocals by Inga, Krussia, Mad Dim, and Sarkis Ricci.

Using Hip-Hop as its rhythmic structures as much as in terms of sampling techniques, Tripmastaz is creating here a vibrant sonic texture, featuring all sorts of live instruments, drum machines, synthesizers and modular systems, Duct Tape Project brings forward a complex work brimming with musicality.

This unmissable double LP exquisitely mastered by Tripmastaz at Tripmastering is available as soon as now through his worldwide distribution another.roundthe new sub-division of BRT Distribution – on the main run of regular black vinyl on top of two limited editions of 30 copies on splatter vinyl & blue marble vinyl.


More recently, Tripmastaz has also been releasing another piece of his eponymous project vinyl collection, stunningly delivering a three-tracker matching together dubby rhythms to finely-calibrated space-ish frequencies [TMZ12008].

This eighth Tripmastaz release is featuring three large-scale dancefloor bangers ranging from freaky big-room smashers to dubby warehouse groovers, like a homage to the mid 90’s big-room tech-house with its ever-rolling and intensely hypnotic sounds, crafted to turn raving minds unexpectedly upside-down.

Ultimately bringing a sense of the late 90’s rave feel with sophistication and class, this 140g vinyl is highlighting an irresistibly bouncy groove along this three-creations journey, doubtlessly not to be missed.

[RTC002] tricmast

Just a few months following the debuts of his label Respect The Craft, as previously mentioned under the good cares of his label head Tripmastaz, the second opus is already available and this is this time through a collaboration together with Ricardo Villalobos as tRicMast that he’s back at it [RTC002].

On this double 140g release, they’re delivering a selection of five truly calibrated tuned, featuring the sonic signatures of Ricardo Villalobos and Tripmastaz seamlessly intertwined during the 40+min duration and includes on top of it a guest appearance of SNVRS, who’s a MC and hip hop producer from New York City, USA.

A and B sides have a steady gear on micro-housey constructions with low-key party vibes, C-side  goes into deeper, darker fields of increasingly atmospheric sound design, while D-side is featuring « Svoboda » through a couple different version, which creation is originally a solo played and recorded over 8 years ago by Tripmastaz, containing elements of a live jazz session and the voice of famous Russian jazz musician David Goloshekin.

Shaping his label as a goal, a call, a mission through the respect of the craft, Tripmastaz has been taking the proper time on this one, masterfully crafted over the last 5 years by two artists, this second label release is now at black.round.twelve cutting edge vinylshop and on Nov18 in all serious ones.

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